When the Road Gets Rough


It’s crazy to think about all the different directions life could have taken. One different decision could have launched an entirely new trajectory, and every day, your decisions are constantly shaping your life path.

It’s important to pause and ask yourself how you’re making these decisions, and consider what’s motivating you.

I used to make decisions based on avoidance and fear.

If I felt failure or rejection when I pursued something I wanted, I would shift directions in search of something that seemed easier or fed my ego instead. One of the most challenging, and most important, shifts I’ve made in my life was choosing to keep working towards what I wanted, even when it was the hard road, and even if I doubted myself.

It’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t meet our own standards or expectations.

When you excitedly pursue a new path and give something your best shot, only to find out you failed the test or your client is unhappy or you don’t sell tickets to your art show, the natural reaction is to pull away from the negative feelings and look for something else, something easier that doesn’t inflict them. However, if you’re upset that you failed, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re on the right track towards doing something that feels meaningful and fulfilling in life. If you’re willing to give something your all in the first place, ask yourself why.

When you feel doubt or resistance or encounter hurdles or setbacks, remind yourself why. Challenge yourself to lean even further into that path instead rather than pull away, and consider your failures your most valuable lessons.

Keep your bigger goals in mind every day. Every choice we make, no matter how small, provides shape to the bigger picture of our lives. Let’s build lives and careers based on hope and determination, rather than on fears and doubts. Good things take time, and the life of your dreams is most likely on the other side of the rough patch of road ahead.