Grow Your Business With Humility


In order to build resilient businesses, to continue to learn and improve as leaders, and to grow into the best versions of ourselves, we must carry with us a sense of humility.

In essence, to be humble simply means to be grounded; to have a sense that we are not fundamentally better or worse than anyone else, and that the ideas and values of others are equally important to our own, whether or not we agree.

When we lose sight of this, feel entitled, believe that we are the best or that we are all-knowing, we start to fall behind.

Innovation and discovery and new creations are being made every single day, and every person on this planet knows something that you don’t.

When we shut down our minds with the belief that we know everything or that we have the best ideas or that our way is the right one, we shut out opportunities to improve.

From my perspective, many of us have forgotten the core of what it means to be human. We are told from birth that we are special, that we can do or be anything — in fact, we can do or be everything! We’re told quite literally to reach for the stars, so despite our human instinct to stay grounded and do things in our own way at our own pace, instead we try to prove our worth by rising higher, until we’re all struggling and straining to keep up with and exceed one another. We get so hung up in our narratives of success (or failure), and it can be challenging to recognize when we’re in a pattern of missing out on everything those around us have to teach us. We want so badly to just be the best, that we forget about the practice of becoming.

Let’s all come back to Earth, plant our feet firmly on the ground, and keep our minds open to learn and grow.