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Copywriter | Strategist | Creative Writer | Entrepreneur


I've been telling stories since before I could read them. An insatiable learner, I go throughout life picking up knowledge and passions, enthusiastically attempting to weave them all into my life's work. For me, the spine that binds it all together is word-craft; telling the story of each of my passions and their place in my work has become a cornerstone of my career.

I started CLG Storytelling back in 2016, then doing content creation for startups and other miscellaneous writing gigs. Over time, I discovered the my passion and knack for helping entrepreneurs grow their business by communicating more effectively, and have been working with innovators across industries ever since.

As an entrepreneurial starter of things, I understand the value and fragility of an idea. My approach to storytelling is thoughtful and communicative; I am a purposed listener with a knack for clarifying and articulating complex ideas into simple, compelling stories. In my experience, clarity & articulation are the first steps to turning your ideas into business plans.

I absolutely love what I do. As a kid in the candy store of life, getting to work with and learn from interesting and innovative clients from around the world is a dream come true. I’m happiest when I’m learning, exploring, and creating.

I am the Cofounder of Launch It, Girl!, a writer, a strategic problem-solver, an animal lover, and an advocate for innovative women everywhere.



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